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Highlands Health for Life Family Medicine Clinic
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Highlands Health for Life Family Medicine Clinic 4104 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211
SignatureMD Program
Signature MD is a program of concierge medicine that Dr. Kennedy offers for those who need or want to have more time and focus on their issues and health.  She limits the number of patients that she works with in this service to 300 so that she can get to know and be available for those patients when they need it.  The average Family Medicine doctor patient panel is 2,500 patients.  Signature MD is a hybrid service model where insurance carriers are still billed for medical services but an extra fee is charged for increased time and access to your medical doctor.  Dr. Kennedy spends a good deal of time obtaining and reviewing past medical records in order to create an up-to-date clinical record and avoid unnecessary testing. The fee for this service is $1600 per year.  There are family plans as well.  There may be 1-2 weeks a year where Dr. Kennedy is not personally available due to travel or family emergencies.  Ideally patients are notified right away or before this happens and a backup doctor and the physician assistants at Highlands Health for Life are available for backup.