Covid update 1/29/2021 : Covid-19
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Covid update 1/29/2021

by Whitney Kennedy on 01/29/21

Covid Update



Governor Polis announced some updates on the vaccine roll-out today- including phase sub-segmentation.  It is as follows-

o   1A- Highest-risk healthcare workers and long-term care facilities                                                                 

·      90% of healthcare workers have completed the vaccine series (76,000)

·      100% of skilled nursing facilities have been given their first dose and 71% have gotten their second dose (these have come out of the federal government and aren’t counted as doses allotted for Colorado)

Phase Completed January 15



o   1B.1- persons aged 70+, moderate-risk health care workers, first responders

·      thus far 40% of 70+ have gotten their first dose             Doses=212,000

·      persons aged 70+ in Colorado (530,000)                                   

·      goal still remains 70% of 70+ by end of February

·      mod-risk healthcare workers, first responders (87,382)Doses=174,764                  

                                             Total Doses received and given in Colorado 542,764 (1/29/21)

                     Phase runs through Feb 28, 2021


o   1B.2- Starting February 8, 2021

·      Persons 65-69                                                                            # in group (288,000)

·      (TEACHERS) and

·      all childcare workers, educators and those who work                           (120,000)

to keep schools operating

·      continuity of state government                                                                  (100)


Total number in group= 408,100

Required doses= 816,200



o   1B.3- Rough estimate- phase will start is March 5, 2021


·      Frontline essential workers                                                                   (750,000)

·      People aged 16-64 with 2 or more high risk conditions                  (400,000)

 these include patients with:


§  Cancer- currently receiving treatment or have received treatment within the last month

§  Chronic kidney disease

§  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) emphysema

§  Diabetes

§  Down Syndrome

§  Specific Heart Conditions

o   Heart failure

o   Cardiomyopathies

o   Coronary Heart Disease

o   Severe Valvular/Congenital Heart Disease

§  Obesity defined as a BMI of 30 and up

§  Pregnancy

§  Sickle Cell disease

·      Solid organ transplant recipients

·      People with disabilities that prevent them from wearing masks



Total number in group = 1,150,000

Total doses required = 2,300,000


No definitely recommendations on how someone proves that they have 2 of these conditions have been published


Colorado is set to receive the following amounts in the next month:

            Jan 25- Feb 1-  81,000 doses

            Feb1-8             101,000 doses

            Feb 8-15          90,000 doses

            Feb 15-22        90,000 doses

            Feb 22-Mar1    90,000 doses

Total doses expected in February= 452,000


Approximately just under 6 millions people live in Colorado

Other vaccines may get CDC Emergency Use Approval which should also speed the process




How to sign-up for vaccine:


Teachers, school workers and childcare workers will be contacted by their employer to schedule vaccine


Everyone else should go to:

            And see the ways to sign up to be notified when you qualify for the vaccine


Other resources:

The new toll-free number is 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926).



Governor Polis 1/29/2021 Covid update:



You may also watch our blog post at




Whitney Kennedy, MD

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